Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how, through Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark, collects and uses personal data.

Data controller

Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark is the data controller for the processing of personal data by the website. This policy contains information to which you are entitled regarding how we collect data from our website (Section 19 of the Norwegian Personal Data Act) and general information regarding how we process personal data (Section 18, first paragraph, of the Personal Data Act).

What personal data we process

Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark only processes personal data collected via forms, incoming emails and cookies on this website. Personal data will not be kept longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose of processing or statutory obligations. Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark does not share personal data with third parties.

You have a right to access the personal data stored by Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark, and to have it corrected and deleted. See separate point at bottom of page.

How we collect personal data

Providing personal data on forms is voluntary when visiting the website. The basis for processing data is normally consent from the individual, but it can also be the result of your contacting us by form or email on the website. In such cases you consent to your personal data being processed by sending us the inquiry.


This website uses cookies. Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark collects de-identified data on visitors. The purpose of this is to prepare statistics, which we use to improve and develop the website.

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How we protect your personal data

ProIsp is our operation service provider for and therefore the data processor. Data collected in connection with operation of the website is stored on separate servers operated by the service provider. Only Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark, website developers and ProIsp have access to the collected data. The terms of contract with ProIsp regulate what data Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark and developers have access to and how it must be processed.

Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark will ensure the best possible data security with regard to processing personal data by implementing security measures for its IT structure.

How long we keep personal data

Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark does not keep personal data longer than needed to fulfil the purpose of processing or than it is required to do by law.

Sharing posts from the website

When you share posts, information is input on your chosen social networking site at that point. How the social networking site in question then handles the data is regulated by your agreement with the social networking site. We do not retain information about your having shared a post.

Your rights

Anyone who asks is entitled to receive basic information on how personal data is processed in an enterprise under Section 18, first paragraph, of the Personal Data Act. Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark has provided that information in this privacy policy. Anyone who is registered in one of Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark’s systems is entitled to have access to their own data on request. You are also entitled to ask for data to be deleted or incorrect information to be corrected.  Requests will be answered free of charge and within 30 days, usually by mail.

Contact details

Email: post(@)

Postal address: Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark, Postboks 33 Øvre Ullern, 0311 Oslo, Norway