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Alphabet Street
Stefanny Hillgaard
Bønn til visdom og lys
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Knowing doing Planet
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About Skulpturfjorden

Background to the project

Skulpturfjorden promotes art trails along the Oslofjord, from Bjørvika and Tjuvholmen to Fornebu via Bygdøy. The sculpture trails are a pilot project initiated by the Stiftelsen Tjuvholmen Skulpturpark foundation. The foundation wants to help establish a shared platform that showcases the diversity of sculptures in the public space along the Oslofjord – and make them more accessible to a local, national and international audience.

With Skulpturfjorden as a point of departure, the foundation is open to gradually incorporating more attractions and works. Oslo’s 9-kilometre Havnepromenaden esplanade is a good starting point for an exciting outing with sculptural highlights. Sculpture parks such as Ekebergparken, the Henie Onstad Art Center and Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park  are also great places for locals and tourists to visit.

About the selection of sculptures

The selection covers everything from modern sculpture of the 1960s to contemporary sculpture from the 2000s, right up to the present day. The main emphasis is on newer artworks, and the trails include location-specific works that are in dialogue with their surroundings, as well as works created by pioneers and internationally renowned artists. The sculpture trails also feature several works by the same artist.

Location-specific works

Particular prominence is given to sculptures that were created specifically for their location because they seem to be in dialogue with their surroundings. The work comments on, reflects or is especially well adapted to its location, playing against the special character and/or architecture of the spot. On the City Trail, Franz West’s Spalt communicates a playful, maritime character through form and colour choice. Daniel Buren’s Fondation Surgissante is an example of a work that plays against the architecture at Fornebu, as does Jenny Holzer’s large text installation on the Telenor building.


Sculptures created by major artists are featured because they occupy a special place in the history of art. Theirs is an oeuvre that has played an eminent role in the development of modern and contemporary art. Arnold Haukeland’s Dynamikk is included because Haukeland’s distinctive idiom and experimentation with different materials were crucial to Norwegian modernism.  The same trail also features Stefanny Hillgaard’s sculpture Bønn til visdom og lys, where an almost abstract idiom shows traces of the figurative and recognisable.

Internationally renowned artists

There are sculptures by world-class contemporary artists all over Oslo. These works are featured because they are by artists who have created ground-breaking pieces and helped to develop the language of contemporary art and its understanding of form through their distinctive idiom and conceptual approach. Paul McCarthy’s White Snow Cake, which displays a brutal and deconstructing treatment of popular culture, can be seen on the City Trail. Jenny Holzer’s renowned Truisms text installations are featured on the Fjord Trail. At Fornebu, you can experience one of Pipilotti Rist’s colourful and dreamlike video installations, for example.

Works by the same artist on different trails

Giving prominence to several works by the same artist connects the trails and makes it possible to delve into individual oeuvres. Sculptures by Franz West can be seen on both trails, while there are two Antony Gormley sculptures on the City Trail.


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